Bookmarks from the past: 1

Just been searching through long-term/ long-forgotten Bookmarks, and came across the diverse economies weblog. (Alarmingly) Nothing has changed in four years since this last entry (and since I last looked):

“Hmmmm. Silence reigns in the diverse economies weblog.
Never mind, here is something that will entertain and/or horrify you. In my occasonal searches for examples of active, functional blogs I found this. This is a very busy blog. A problematic conclusion one might draw from it, however, is that maybe successful blogs are run by right-wing neo-liberal loonies. Then again, I suppose they constitute an alternative economy too…. Angus”


About Richard J White

I am currently employed as a Reader in Human Geography. Having completed my doctoral thesis at The University of Leicester (Department of Geography) I worked as Research Assistant at The University of Warwick (Institute for Employment Research). I joined Sheffield Hallam University as a Lecturer in Economic Geography in 2006, and was the Course Leader for the B.A. (Hons) Human Geography degree between 2013-2015. Teaching Interests I have a broad interest in many radical approaches within both Human Geography, and other related social sciences. My particular expertise explores alternative/ post-capitalist forms of work and organization; anarchist and dissident geographies; geographies of activism and resistance; and critical animal geographies.
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