Responding to the Global Economic Crisis

What is it?

What caused it?

What should we do about it?


Sessions on

* Causes of the credit crunch – poor regulation or deeper problems?

* The Third World: crisis on top of crisis

* Radical responses: Keynesian, radical ecologist, socialist and more

* Action in the city: jobs, housing, transport, building, environment.


Thursday 7 May,

6 – 9 pm

 in Fusion

Sheffield University Students’ Union

Western Bank, S10


Fully licensed bar


Organised by Sheffield University Students’ Union and academics from the two Sheffield universities



70 mins Understanding the crisis The origins of the crisis   Old and new crises in the Third World
     Jonathan Perraton (Sheffield U, Economics)The finance system: from deregulation to crunch  Jamie Gough

(Sheffield U, town and Regional Planning)

A crisis of capitalism as a whole 

Paul Mosley (Economics)Present crisis in the Third World


Graham Harrison

(Sheffield U, Politics)

The crisis in Africa



10 mins Break    
70 mins Policies and strategies Large scale strategies Urban scale strategies
    Ian Rotherham(Hallam, Environment)An eco strategy    

Andrew Jobling

(Hallam, Geography)

Latin American responses to neoliberalism


John Smith

(Sheffield U, Politics)

A socialist strategy 

Rob Hunt(Hallam, Planning, Regeneration and Housing)Radical strategy for housing 

Bob Jeffery

(Salford U)

A publicly-owned high quality bus system 


Speaker from the Visteon occupation




5 mins Break    
25 mins What next? Plenary Future discussions Future political organisation and actions  

About Richard J White

I am currently employed as a Reader in Human Geography. Having completed my doctoral thesis at The University of Leicester (Department of Geography) I worked as Research Assistant at The University of Warwick (Institute for Employment Research). I joined Sheffield Hallam University as a Lecturer in Economic Geography in 2006, and was the Course Leader for the B.A. (Hons) Human Geography degree between 2013-2015. Teaching Interests I have a broad interest in many radical approaches within both Human Geography, and other related social sciences. My particular expertise explores alternative/ post-capitalist forms of work and organization; anarchist and dissident geographies; geographies of activism and resistance; and critical animal geographies.
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