Journal for Critical Animal Studies, Volume VIII, Issue I/II (2010) just published

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JCAS header

ISSN: 1948-352X


Full Issue

Editorial Board, Table of Contents, and Editorial
Richard J. White, Chief Editor
Pgs. 1- 7


“Green” Eggs and Ham? The Myth of Sustainable Meat and the Danger of the Local
Vasile Stănescu
Pgs. 8-32

My Pet Needs Philosophy: Ambiguity, Capabilities and the Welfare of Domestic Dogs
Heather Hillsburg
Pgs. 33-46

From Marginal Cases to Linked Oppressions: Reframing the Conflict between the Autistic Pride and Animal Rights Movements
Daniel Salomon
Pgs. 47-72


The Love Whose Name Cannot be Spoken: Queering the Human-Animal Bond
Carmen Dell’Aversano
Pgs. 73-125

Animal Absolutes: Liberation Sociology’s Missing Links –  Part II of II essays on animals and normative sociology
David Sztybel
Pgs. 126-175


Abolition a Multi-Tactical Movement Strategy
Anthony J. Nocella, II
Pgs. 176-183

Healing Our Cuts
Anthony J Nocella, II
Pgs. 184-187


! For the abolition of the bullfight, the people took the streets ¡
Center of Abolitionist Studies for Animal Liberation
Pgs. 188-191


Interview with Anthony J. Nocella, II on Academic Repression: Reflections from the Academic Industrial Complex (co-edited with Steven Best and Peter McLaren, AK Press, 2010)
Richard J White
Pgs. 192-198

Interview with animal liberation activist and former political prisoner Peter Young
Laura Shields
Pgs. 199-203

Interview with author, anarchist and feminist Abbey Willis
Laura Shields
Pgs. 204-208


9th Annual Conference for Critical Animal Studies, SUNY Cortland, New York
Sarat Colling
Pgs. 209-211

1st Annual European Conference for Critical Animal Studies, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Jessica Groling
Pgs. 212-215


Animal Encounters by Tom Tyler, Manuela Rossini, and Manuela S. Rossini (2009)
Reviewed by Amy L. Fletcher
Pgs. 216-221

Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: An Inside Look At The Modern Poultry Industry by Karen Davis (2009)
Reviewed by Dylan Ravenfox
Pgs. 222-225


The Cove (2009)
Reviewed by Laura Shields
Pgs. 226-230

Disgrace (2008)
Reviewed by Jacqueline Dalziell
Pgs. 231-240


About Richard J White

I am currently employed as a Reader in Human Geography. Having completed my doctoral thesis at The University of Leicester (Department of Geography) I worked as Research Assistant at The University of Warwick (Institute for Employment Research). I joined Sheffield Hallam University as a Lecturer in Economic Geography in 2006, and was the Course Leader for the B.A. (Hons) Human Geography degree between 2013-2015. Teaching Interests I have a broad interest in many radical approaches within both Human Geography, and other related social sciences. My particular expertise explores alternative/ post-capitalist forms of work and organization; anarchist and dissident geographies; geographies of activism and resistance; and critical animal geographies.
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