Academic Biography (introduction)

Professional Biography

I am currently employed as a Reader in Human Geography. Having completed my doctoral thesis at The University of Leicester (Department of Geography) I worked as Research Assistant at The University of Warwick (Institute for Employment Research). I joined Sheffield Hallam University as a Lecturer in Economic Geography in 2006, and was the Course Leader for the B.A. (Hons) Human Geography degree between 2013-2015.

Teaching Interests
I have a broad interest in many radical approaches within both Human Geography, and other related social sciences. My particular expertise explores alternative/ post-capitalist forms of work and organization; anarchist and dissident geographies; geographies of activism and resistance; and critical animal geographies.

I lecture at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, which also includes the supervision of Masters and PhD students.

Research & Scholarly Activities
Addressing a range of ethical and economic landscapes rooted in the context of social justice and total liberation movements, my research has focused on developing new geographic imaginaries based on equality and non-violence. In particular a great deal of my teaching, learning and research is embedded within three intersectional areas of human geography, namely: anarchist geographies, critical animal geographies, and the sociology of space and space:

Anarchist Geographies

Over the last 15 years I have contributed to an important body of empirical research that explores the geographies of household work practices in the UK. Drawing on this research to explore the complex geographies of community self-help, my key contribution to anarchist geographies has been to demonstrate how non-capitalist and ‘anarchist’ forms of organisation are deeply woven into the fabric of everyday life in a ‘capitalist society. Understanding anarchist forms of organisation to be rooted in the principles of mutual aid, reciprocity, co-operation, collaboration and inclusion, I place my research here firmly within a broader, emancipatory, anarchist geography of freedom.

Critical Animal Geographies

Critical Animal Geographies provides new geographical perspectives on critical animal studies, exploring the spatial, political, and ethical dimensions of animals’ lived experience and human–animal encounters. It works toward a more radical politics and theory directed at the shifting boundary between human and animal. My contribution to the field of critical animal studies broadly, and critical animal geographies in particular, has been to argue how both can engage with anarchist praxis of non-violence to better (a) problematise human power and human species identity and (b) confront, challenge and subvert the often exploitative and violent interlocking systems that underpin the treatment of both humans and other animals in society.

The Sociology of Space and Place

Drawing on a range of mixed methods, including an innovative use of ‘mental mapping’, I have continued to engage with the literature around the sociology of place and space by emphasising how social networks and attachment to place shape can influence spatial horizons and affect aspirations. In calling for broader recognition of ‘the role of geography’ in inter-disciplinary analysis, my research continues to inform practical policy interventions that may help widen social and spatial horizons of young people more effectively to enable them to take in a broader range of employment and training opportunities beyond their immediate locality.



2 Responses to Academic Biography (introduction)

  1. AlexM says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. James King says:

    A very interesting and informative blog, that is very well presented and exceptionally kept up-to-date.

    As the previous commentator exclaimed, “Keep up the Good Work”.

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